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Readers Advisory 

• Book Page - A selection guide to the best books published monthly for adults, teens and children readers of all types.

• Library Reads - A new book discovery program featuring top ten books published each month recommended by librarians. Anyone who is regularly employed in a U.S. public library may participate.

• New York Times Best Sellers - Best seller rankings reflect sales reported by vendors offering a wide range of general interest titles. The sales venues for print books include independent book retailers; national, regional and local chains; online and multimedia entertainment retailers; supermarkets, university, gift and discount department stores; and newsstands. E-book rankings reflect sales from leading online vendors of e-books in a variety of popular e-reader formats.

Book Club

• Downtown Book Chat meets at 3:30 the second Wednesday of each month at the Faith Lutheran Church in Spooner. For more information call Chris at 715.468.4266.

Used Books

Inside the library's lobby is a bookshelf loaded with books and miscellaneous goodies for sale!

Maybe you are a visitor and need something to read, you are collecting a certain author, or you just love books...check out our sale might be surprised at what we have to offer!

Paperbacks .50  Hardcovers $1.00  Dvd's $1.00  Magazines .10



Digital Basics

• offers learning tools to improve literacy, technology, and math skills needed to be successful in both work and life.

• provides technology learning, teaching, and networking tools.

• Digital Learn offers simple online training modules for learning computer basics and technology training materials  from an online community of digital literacy trainers.

• Digital Basics - Learn to use computers and the Internet 

Government Services

• Online Government Services

• Wisconsin Health Care

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Library Services for Families

Library Cards - Children aged 5 years and older may get a library card. Parents must be present and bring some form of ID. Children may check out 6 items total if parents aren't present. If parents are present children may check out more items. A maximum of 5 movies may be checked out at any given time.

Computer Use & Internet - Children may use the computers and the Internet if they have a form signed by their parents. Parents and guardians of minors are ultimately responsible for children concerning Internet usage. Children with fines or fees in excess of $5.00 will be blocked from using the Internet until the fine or fee is below $5.00.

Encouraging Your Children to Read

The links below will take you to sites that provide great suggestions for helping your child develop and maintain an interest in reading. Check back often - we'll keep adding and modifying the list of suggested links.

Growing Wisconsin Readers - A new literacy program designed to support early literacy projects that encourage reading with young children and their caregivers.  "Reading is a crucial skill for success in life"  says State Superintendent Tony Evers.  "Research tells us that the period from birth to kindergarten is pivotal to early literacy and language development."  

20 Ways for Parents to Encourage Reading- An article from

Children Who Can Read, But Don't - From Reading is Fundamental

Tips for Reading Aloud with Elementary School Children - An article from

Books & Reading- From Scholastic Parents, Home of Parent & Child Magazine

Choosing Books for a Reluctant Reader

Children’s Literature Web Guide - A general guide to what is on the web for Children's literature. From finding author sites, to award books to online book discussion groups you should be able to find it here.

Best Children’s - This website is created by teachers and general public. It's a good source if your looking for books by subject or level.

Helping with Homework

Family Education - This site is packed with 'back-to-school' information - and it goes beyond homework help (although there is a great homework section here...) The main back-to-school page includes links on getting ready for school, back-to-school safety, 'what parents need to know this school year', and even breakfast and lunch ideas and recipes.

TLS Books Free Worksheets -  Need a little more help with school work or wishing to educationally occupy your kids then this site is full of free educational worksheets for PreK to Grade 5.

Scholastic School Success -  Tips from scholastic to help your kids succeed in school from PreK to grade 8

Parenting Tips -  The home website for Parenting and Babytalk magazines.

Health and Parenting Center -  This site from WebMD covers hot topics in parenting and health, popular searches as well as access to their online parenting community. Home website to Parents magazine

Planned Parenthood: Tools for Parents -  Great source for tips on talking to children about growing up Internet Safety

On Guard Online: Provided by the federal government with tips for parents for navigation online safety including talking with your kids. 

NetSmartz -  created by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has links for parents, educators, law enforcement to find information for internet safety. Each page provides presentations and links to more information. This site also has a link for parents with teens and a special section just for kids.

Cybersmart -  Created by the Australian government with resources and advice about being online safely for all ages.

FBI’s Parent Guide to Internet Safety - A direct link to the FBI's informational pamphlet to online exploitation and the risks to your children.

Dealing with Tragic Events -  Fred Rogers Talks about tragic events in the news -

PBS Parents -  Talking with Kids about the news -
National Association of School Psycologists: Talking to kids about violence - 

Sesame Street: Here for Each Other -  Helping Families after an Emergency


Helping Kids Deal with Bullying: From Kids Health

Bullying:  From Great Schools

Bullying - Help your child handle a bully: From Mayo Clinic

Teen Bullying - What Parents Can Do: From

Stop Cyberbullying

The Bully Project