Library Policy: Emergency Action Plan

If there is a need to evacuate City Hall/Library, all staff will gather in the parking lot of the Catholic Church to the West of City Hall
When a tornado warning has been issued (one long siren) in the community:

  • Although we cannot force people to stay in the building in a weather emergency, director/staff will evacuate the library and encourage patrons to join staff at a safe area away from windows within the building (restrooms or inner lobby).
  • A Weather Radio, flashlight and first aid kit should accompany the group to the safe area
  • Normal routine may resume when the all clear is given by an authorized person.


  • Do not panic and do not clear the building at the first whiff of smoke. Find out what is happening and where. If there is any indication of fire, notify city hall, pull the fire alarm, clear the building using the closest exit available and call 911.
  • All Staff should familiarize themselves with the location of fire extinguishers and know how to use them to aid in exiting the building, not for fighting fire. All fire extinguishers are to be checked annually by a certified professional and monthly by staff to ensure the extinguisher is operational and properly charged. Staff will note on extinguisher attached tag date of monthly inspection and by whom.
  • Staff is not to re-enter the building until notified by the fire department that it is safe.

Medical Emergencies

  • Call 911. Make the patron or staff member as comfortable as possible and protect them from needless disturbance until medical help has arrived.

Bomb Threats

  • Keep caller on the line as long as possible. If more than one staff is present, one staff will contact other city departments about the threat and one will keep caller on the line). Ask the caller to repeat the message and try to write down every word spoken. If the caller does not indicate the location of the bomb or the time of possible detonation, ASK FOR THIS INFORMATION.
  • Listen closely to the voice (maile/female), voice quality (calm, excited), accents and speech
  • Listen for background noises such as motors running, background music and any other sounds which may indicate where the location from which the call is originating.
  • Immediately after the caller hangs up, call 911 and clear the building. The police will handle the actual bomb search.

Critical Incidents

  • Contact police at 911. Get out of the building or stay out of sight. Remain out of sight until an announcement is made to come out or to evacuate the building.