Library Policy: Patron Concerns

Shell Lake Public Library Procedures for Handling Concerns about Library Materials
I. Receiving questions or concerns
A staff member receiving a question or concern about books or other materials should not
attempt to debate with the patron the merits of the material in question. The patron
should be invited to communicate any complaints with the SLPL Director and preferably
to put the complaint in writing. If the patron wishes to file a written statement, he or she
should be given a copy of the form: “Statement of concern About Library Resources” and
invited to submit the completed form to the SLPL Director. The staff member will notify
his or her supervisor as soon as possible.
II. Internal Procedures
Upon receiving a “Statement of Concern” form, the Director will review the opinion.
The Director, in consultation with other staff members, will formulate a response to the
patron. This response may contain copies of any relevant reviews, if these are available.
The SLPL Board of Trustees will be apprised of any serious problems, but it is expected
that most questions and concerns will be handled by the SLPL Director and staff.
Any patron may ask to have their opinion shared with the SLPL Board of Trustees whose
disposition of the matter shall be final.

November 10, 1998