Library Policy: Personnel


Shell Lake Public Library

Personnel Policy

A. The Library Board shall select, appoint, and when necessary for valid reasons, dismiss the director of the library. The board will select a candidate for the position of director who is eligible to become certified as a public librarian at the correct grade level for the size of the community within a reasonable length of time.

B. The person so appointed shall be charged with the sole administration of the library.

1. The director shall be responsible to the library board in matters pertaining to and concerning the library; be present at monthly board meetings and prepare and present such reports as requested.

2. The director shall maintain financial records in an efficient manner; present reports to the library board and to the city council; along with the board prepare an annual budget to be presented to the city council by the president of the library board.

3. The director shall hold regular meetings with staff for training and interpreting board policy.

4. The director shall have the responsibility for collection development for all materials in the library. This includes selection, ordering, processing, weeding and inventory of the collections, according to the guidelines in the policy.

A. Salaries: A pay plan has been adopted by the library board. The plan is subject to regular revision so that it will be equitable for both the library and the staff.

B. Major changes in the director's schedule or other circumstances may not be made without approval of the library board. Requests for such shall be made in writing to the library board.

C. Meetings, conventions and workshops: The director, staff and trustees attending continuing education opportunities to aid the library shall be allowed expenses at the discretion of the library board according to the amount budgeted for such. The director, staff and trustees are encouraged to attend and participate in continuing education activities.


The Board of Trustees of the Shell Lake Public Library holds its meetings in compliance with the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law (Sections 19.81 to 19.98 of the Wisconsin Statutes). Notice of all meetings of the board and any of its committees are posted in City Hall.


Section 1

Recruitment and Selection

1.1 Recruitment Policy

It is the policy of the Library Board to recruit and select persons with the highest degree of all job related skills for positions in the city service. The Library director shall be responsible for the administration of an active recruitment program designed to provide equal opportunity for all persons and meet Library needs.

1.2 Employee Orientation

The Librarian is responsible for the proper overall orientation of new employees. Such orientation shall include, at a minimum, a copy of the policies and procedures and a copy of their job description.


Conditions of Employment

The following conditions of employment apply to all regular employees of the Shell Lake Public Library:

2.1 Probation

All employees shall serve a six (6) month probation period. A minimum of six months and at least 50 hours of service must be met in order to fulfill the probation requirements. New employees may be discharged during the probationary period on a non-arbitrary basis without recourse to appeal.

It is the responsibility of the Library director to monitor the performance of each new employee during the probationary period and to meet with employees on a regular basis to monitor progress.

Discipline shall be administered constructively, consistently and promptly in accordance with the principles of progressive discipline. Most employee problems are manageable and the Library Director will offer appropriate assistance by counseling the employee in those areas where performance is not up to expectations.

The Grievance policy will be the policy used by the City of Shell Lake.

2.2 Travel/Expense Reimbursement

Employees will be reimbursed for reasonable travel or meal expenses incurred while conducting official Library business. Employees who use their own car shall be reimbursed on a per mile basis at the rate of .51 cents per mile. The rate shall be approved annually.

2.3 Continued Education

Monies may be provided in the annual budget for those training sessions which are required or necessary to maintain job performance at an acceptable level or where there is a requirement to stay on the job, e.g. licensure or certification.

2.4 Lunch Periods/Breaks


Library director is responsible for scheduling lunch periods and/or breaks as described below, with the least disruption possible to the library’s operations.

1. Mandatory lunch period


a. Employees who work at least six consecutive hours shall be afforded a lunch period (meal break) of 30 minutes. Employees are allowed to leave the premises.

b. The lunch period will be included in the total paid hours of work per day. Employees will be in “paid” status during ½ hour lunch.


2. Discretionary breaks

a. Employees who work at least four consecutive hours shall be afforded one 15-minute rest break.

b. Rest breaks shall be included in the required hours of work per day.


3. Impermissible use of lunch period and/or breaks


a. The lunch period and the break should be used separately but only with supervisory approval may be used to extend the lunch period and/or break.

b. Neither the lunch period nor the break may normally be used to compensate for an employee’s late arrival or early departure, or to cover time off for other purposes.


2.5 Inclement Weather

When adverse weather conditions make travel hazardous, staff members should use their judgment regarding personal safety and transportation to and from work.  We want our staff members safe at all times.  Staff members concerned about the safety of the roads that choose not to travel to work, or choose to leave work before their shift is over, should feel comfortable doing so, but will notify the library director or designated person-in-charge before leaving work.  The library will not close due to high temperatures unless this would pose a threat to public welfare.  All available methods will be used to cool the library space including but not limited to: air conditioning, fans, natural ventilation and the shutting down of electrical devices.  The only occasion the library will be closed during normal operating hours is if the Director and at least one member of the Board approve the closure due to weather conditions.


If a staff member chooses not to work during this or her/his scheduled hours due to adverse weather conditions, the staff member will not receive pay for such hours missed.  Salaried employees may make up the time lost by using vacation time, floating holiday or extending already scheduled work hours.  Hourly employees may make up time by working additional shifts at the discretion of the Director.


The decision to allow employees to leave early will be made by the director or the designated person-in-charge in the absence of the director. In the absence of the director the designated person in charge may be another hourly employee or in the absence of that person will be the Library Board Chairperson and next in line will be the Shell Lake City Administrator. 



2.6 Resignation

Employees submitting their resignation should do so in writing to the director.


Rules of Conduct

3.1 Confidentiality

No employee shall use or disclose privileged or confidential information gained in the course of work or by reason of their official position or activities. No confidential information concerning any citizen may be released to an unauthorized person or agency without the signed consent of the citizen. Any violation of this policy may be sufficient cause for immediate termination.

3.2 Personal Telephone Calls

Employees should make and receive calls only of a necessary nature during working hours. Other calls should be made during breaks.

3.3 Front Desk/Office

No person(s) shall be behind the front desk or in office area unless authorized by the director.



Fringe Benefits


The Director's Health Insurance Benefit would be a decision to be discussed at the time of need. Life Insurance is an option.

The Library director's position is a salaried part-time position. Other staff is considered hourly part-time. 

All incidental employees receive mandatory Social Security and Medicare benefits.Persons who work 1200 hours are eligible for the benefits listed below.

a. Retirement                                      

b. Holiday Pay

c. Sick Leave Pay

d. Vacation Days

e. Funeral Leave

Regular full-time: 37 1/2 hours weekly; 173 hours monthly; 2080 hours annually.


4.2 Workers Compensation

The cost of workers' compensation insurance is paid entirely by the library. If you are injured on the job, you must report immediately to the director, both for treatment and to protect the benefits which may be paid under workers' compensation insurance. Report all accidents and injuries no matter how small you believe they are.




5.1 Standard of Conduct and Corrective Action

Groups of people who are working together for any purpose require certain guidelines pertaining to their conduct and relationships. Accordingly, our employees must be aware of their responsibilities to the library and to co-workers.

We strive to take a constructive approach to disciplinary matters to insure that actions which would interfere with operations or an employee's job are not continued.

Although there is no way to identify every possible violation of standards of conduct, the following is a partial list of infractions that will result in corrective action:

1. Falsifying an employment application, timesheet, or personnel or other library document or record;

2. Missing work without notice or a valid excuse.

3. Breach of confidentiality;

4. Unauthorized possession of library property, carrying weapons or explosives, or violating criminal laws on library premises;

5. Disorderly conduct that may endanger any employee or property on library premises;

6. Engaging in acts of dishonesty, fraud, theft, or sabotage;

7. Threatening, intimidating, coercing, using abusive language, or interfering with the performance of other employees;

8. Insubordination or refusal to comply with instructions or failure to perform reasonable duties that are assigned;

9. Unauthorized use of library material, time, equipment, or property;

10. Damaging or destroying library property due to careless or willful acts;

11. Conduct that reflects adversely on the employee or library;

12. Performance that does not meet the requirements of the position;

13. Engaging in such other practices which may be inconsistent with the ordinary and reasonable rules of conduct necessary to the welfare of the library, its employees, or patrons;

14. Negligence in observing fire prevention and safety rules;

15. Violation of the library's policy on alcohol and drugs;

16. Other circumstances that may warrant corrective action.

This list is intended to be representative of the types of activities that may result in disciplinary action. It is not intended to be comprehensive and does not alter the employment-at- will relationship between the employee and the library.


5.2 Grounds for Disciplinary Action

Violations of our standards will result in one of the following forms of corrective action: Discharge, suspension, oral warning, or written warning. In arriving at a decision for proper action, the following will be considered:

A. The work rule or procedure in question must be reasonable.

B. The employee must be aware of and understand the rule prior to offense.

C. The disciplinary action should take into consideration:

1. The seriousness of the offense.

2. The length of service of the employee.

3. The employee’s prior work record.


D. A fair and impartial investigation should be made to verify the allegations. The supervisor should be able to cite or document specific instances to confirm the problem.

E. The employee must be given an opportunity to respond to the charge.

F. The planned disciplinary action must be consistent with other practices.

5.3 The following authority of action will be followed:

A. All employees of the library shall be under the direct supervision of the Library Director, except that the Library Board shall in all cases approve.

B. Whenever it shall be deemed necessary to discipline any employee, except as

outlined in paragraph 3, the Library director shall issue a written warning to the offending employee. If no further violations after a 1 year period an employee can request this warning be removed from his/her personnel file.

C. If there are further offenses, within the calendar year the employee may be temporarily suspended without pay for up to three working days or termination if recommended by the director to the Library Board.

D. Whenever an offense shall occur that may be deemed adequately serious so as to merit possible dismissal, the matter must come before the Library Board for a hearing and consideration. The Library Director does not have the authority to fire any employee without the hearing and approval of the Library Board.

Section 6

Personnel Records/Job Evaluations

Important events in each employee's history with the library will be recorded and kept in the employee's personnel file. Regular job evaluations, change of status records, commendations, corrective action warnings, and educational attainment records are examples of records maintained.

You are responsible for notifying the city clerk and director of changes in address, telephone number, and/or family status (births, marriage, death, divorce, legal separation, etc.), as income tax status and group insurance may be affected by these changes. This up-to-date information will enable the library to keep accurate personnel records. This responsibility includes employees on leaves of absence.

Job evaluations are will be conducted by September 1st of each calendar year. Copies of the evaluation are placed in the personnel file.

Section 7

Work Week/Time Sheets/Pay Periods

7.1 Work Week


The work week is defined as Monday through Sunday.

7.2 Time Sheets


Employees are required to maintain an accurate time sheet noting hours worked, vacation and other leave, and compensatory time earned and taken.


7.3 Pay Periods


Pay periods for Shell Lake Public Library employees shall be every two weeks, with pay days on Tuesday, as set by the City of Shell Lake.




8.15.12 (Inclement Weather Section 2 (2.5))