Library Policy: Internet


Shell Lake Public Library

Internet/Wireless Computer Policy

The Shell Lake Public Library is providing access to the Internet as a means to enhance the information and learning opportunities for the citizens of the library's service area. The Board of Trustees has established the Internet/Wireless use policy to ensure appropriate and effective use of this resource.

Access to the Library Internet is available to all patrons; however, this service may be restricted at any time for use not consistent with this policy.  All users “agree” to abide by the Shell Lake Internet/Wireless Policy when logging on to the computer.  Parents of minor children must assume responsibility for their children's use of the library's Internet service; prior to being granted access to the Internet, anyone under 18 years of age, along with a parent or guardian, must sign the Internet/Wireless Use Agreement.

Any/all computer use may be suspended or revoked by Shell Lake Public Library administration at any time, without prior notice or hearing, for abusive conduct or violation of the conditions of use.  Shell Lake Public Library will be the sole arbiter of what constitutes abusive conduct or violation of this policy.

In cases of Internet/Wireless policy abuse, patrons will receive only one(1) warning, resulting in note placed in their record and loss of privileges for one (1) month; Patrons may not use the internet under any circumstances while suspended; the second incident will result in the loss of internet privileges permanently.

Shell Lake Public Library provides free public access to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network.  It is expected that patrons who use the Wi-Fi network will do so in a responsible and legal way.  All users of the Wi-Fi network are bound by the Internet/Wireless Use Policy.




Users should be aware that the inappropriate use of electronic information resources can be a violation of local, state, and federal laws and can lead to prosecution. The user will be held responsible for his/her actions using the Internet. Users are expected to abide by the policies below which include generally accepted rules of network etiquette. Unacceptable uses of the service will result in the suspension or revocation of Internet use privileges. Library staff will assist whenever possible; however staff will not teach patrons how to use computers.



The Internet is non- moderated global network; the Shell Lake Public Library has no control over the content found there. The library will not censor access to material nor protect users from offensive information, and it is not responsible for the availability and accuracy of information found on the Internet.

The library cannot assure that data or files downloaded by users are virus-free. The library is not responsible for damages to equipment or data on a user's personal computer from the use of data downloaded from the library's Internet service.

The use of the Internet and e-mail is not guaranteed to be private. Messages relating to or in support of illegal activities will be reported to the proper authorities.


  • Internet use is offered in one hour sessions on a first-come, first-served basis; each user is allowed one session--if there is no patron waiting for the service at the end of a session, the user can have another session, but once having had the service for one hour the user must abandon use of the Internet if another patron requests use of the service
  • The Internet computers have a 3 hour per day limit, per user, in one hour increments subject to availability after the first hour
  • A maximum of 2 persons at one computer at a given time
  • Use of computers workstations will close10 minutes prior to closing
  • Users agree not to incur any costs for the library through their use of the Internet service
  • Patrons with fines or fees of $5.00 (five) or more on their card will be blocked from using the Internet Computers
  • Cd’s and flash drives may be used on library computers.  Patron assumes all liability associated with use.


  • Users of laptops and other related devices are expected to be considerate of patrons nearby and are required to use headphones when playing movies, music and games or when any other software program generates sound.
  • The library shall not have any responsibility or liability for any claims relating to the loss, damage, or interception of any information, data, work product, or other materials viewed, searched, or stored on users’ mobile devices. Anti-virus and security protection are the responsibility of the user.
  • Wireless users should be certain that their laptops and other devices are secure at all times and should never be left unattended in the library, even for brief periods of time. Theft of such devices is not the responsibility of the library.
  • Patrons should be advised that they use the library’s wireless network at their own risk. The wireless network is not secure, as it is not encrypted using WEP, WPA, etc. Unless additional precautions are taken, any information sent to or from a laptop, PDA, etc. could potentially be intercepted by a third party who might be within range and using the appropriate hardware/software.
  • While respecting individual users' right to privacy, the library staff reserves the right to monitor the use of personal computers to ensure compliance with this policy.

Users may/will:

  • Users may use the Internet for research and the acquisition of information to address their educational, vocational, cultural, and recreational needs
  • Users may use the Internet for the receipt and transmission of electronic mail (e-mail) as long as they use a free e-mail service which will establish and maintain an account for them; the library is unable to manage e-mail accounts for any organizations or individuals
  • Users will respect the rights and privacy of others by not accessing private files
    • Users will respect and uphold copyright laws and all other applicable laws and regulations; they will not use it for illegal purposes

Users will not:

  • Users will not create and/or distribute computer viruses over the Internet
  • Users will not deliberately or willfully cause damage to computer equipment, programs, or parameters and will be held fully responsible
  • Users will not be allowed to use personal software on library computers
  • Inappropriate Internet conduct will not be tolerated
  • Users will not use the  Internet for unlawful or malicious activities
  • Users will not cause disruption of others
  • Users will not access sexually explicit material. 
  • Users will not misrepresent  themself
  • Users will not misuse services or equipment











 I, _________________________, (please print name) have received the Internet/Wireless computer packet provided by the Shell Lake Public Library. I have read and understand the information included. This packet includes, but is not limited to the following items:

A. Policy Statement

B. General Usage

C. For Those Users Under 18

F. Internet/Wireless Computer Agreement THE AGREEMENT I further acknowledge that the Shell Lake Public Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. I agree to follow the rules and regulations, implied or stated, in the Internet/Wireless Computer packet. I realize that not following these may result in loss of privileges. I further acknowledge and agree that the library assumes no liability for any loss or damage to the user’s data or for any damage or injury arising from the invasion of privacy in the user’s computer accounts, programs, or files. Under no circumstances should the Internet be used to offend or harass others. A personal business may not be run from these resources.

 User Signature: ______________________________________

Date: ___________________ Staff Member Initials: ____________


 If under age 18, a parent or legal guardian must also sign this agreement showing that they have approved the same terms and conditions as agreed to by the minor. I, as parent or guardian, assume responsibility for the above named child in the use of the library Internet/ access/ computer. Children under 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult. I am aware that my child may access material that in my absence may be inappropriate. I have discussed the Internet/Wireless use policy with my child. A parent or legal guardian is required to be present and sign the agreement witnessed by library staff.

Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________

Date: ________________