Library Policy: Facility


Shell Lake Public Library

Facility Use Policy


Purpose:  To provide the opportunity for the public to use the library facilities for meetings, cultural events, educational classes and any other civic, social or recreational event the Library Board deems appropriate.  The property manager (Director) should not knowingly permit the use of the Library for a political purpose that could assist a particular candidate for office nor for personal financial gain.


Users: That group or person requesting use of the Shell Lake Public Library must reside within the Shell Lake City limits or within the boundaries of the Shell Lake School district and the responsible party must be at least 18 years of age.


Scope of Policy:


  1. Use of the Library facilities or property shall not be permitted if it would unduly burden the Library staff/director.


  1. The Library manager (Director) shall advise the user that the responsible party will be liable to the Library Board for any damage to Library property or for any expense or liability arising out of such use.


  1. The group/responsible party must make application to the Library Board for use of library facilities at least 30 days prior to the occasion.  The accompanying application must be completed in full at the time of application of use.


  1. If a user is requesting a “one time” use on short notice (less than 30 days) facility use will be at the sole discretion of the Library Director after receipt of a completed Facility Use Application. 


  1. Facility Use Applications may be obtained from the library staff.


  1. Future denial of facility use can be based on abuse of the privilege.


  1. Clear identification of a responsible party who will assume responsibility for the facility as a representative of the organization will be expected.


  1. The Library Director will inform applicants of the approval/denial of facility use within 24 hours of a Board decision or on a “short notice one-time only application” within 3 days of receipt of the completed application.
  2. Hours and usage are at the sole discretion of the library director and require a staff member be present.

*The one and only exception shall be when the City of Shell Lake requires the facility for tabulating election ballots.  As a courtesy, every attempt will be made by the city to notify the director in advance of any upcoming election.



Shell Lake Public Library

Facility Use Application



Applicant: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________


Responsible party: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________________



          Mailing address if different from above:________________


          E-mail address:_____________________________________



Date of use: ____________________________________________

Hours of use: ____________________________________________

Number of people in group: _________________________________

Facility equipment requested________________________________



Signature of responsible party:________________________________


  •   Approved:______________________  Date:______________
  • Denied: _________________________ Date:_______________



Reason for denial:_______________________________________________