Library Policy: Circulation Shell Lake Public Library


                                                            Circulation Policy


In order to provide equal access to library materials, Shell Lake Public Library sets policies for the length of loan period, renewals, reserves and fines. 


Materials Circulation

All library materials (excluding reference materials, current issues of adult magazines and newspapers) may be checked out by anyone with a valid library card issued by any library in the Northern Waters Library System (NWLS).  Library privileges will not be extended to anyone having outstanding charges against their card in excess of $4.99, until such charges have been paid for and the materials have been returned.  Lake Superior Zoo and Duluth Children’s Museum passes only check out to adults (eighteen and older)in good standing (no fines or overdues) with a Shell Lake Public Library card.

Loan Periods

3 days: Lake Superior Zoo pass

7 days:  Videos and Duluth Children’s Museum pass

14 days:  magazines, music CDs and books on CD

28 days:  books

NWLS Interloans:  follow this library’s loan periods for the above

WISCAT Interloans:  set by lending library


Rare or Out-of-Print Books

Books no longer in print will not be allowed to go out of the library unless there is more than one copy.


Reference Materials

Items marked “Reference” must be used in the library.



50 total checkouts may consist of 10 videos; 10 books on CD; 10 music CDs, 10 magazines.  Children under the age of 14 without a parent present are limited to at total of 6 items checked out at any one time.


Most items may be renewed twice, providing no one else has a hold on the item.


No patron regardless of sex, age, race, or religion will be limited to any part of the library or denied any item they may want to check out.  A “Statement of Concern” form can be filled out if the patron wishes to do so. 


10¢ per day on most books, magazines, books on CD and music on CD

50¢ per day on all Videos

Fines max out at $5.00 per item.


 Damaged Materials


Any material defaced in a way that the library cannot put it back on the shelf, must be paid for by the borrower at replacement cost. Replacement cost can be found on the MARC record or determined by the director.  Replacement of lost or damaged items by patrons is discouraged, and any exceptions must be approved by the library director or designated staff.  If replacement is allowed, the replacement must be a new and exact match of the lost item.


If materials are found and returned within 30 days, a refund may be given.  If the library has already purchased a replacement for a lost or damaged item, no refund will be given.


Borrowing Rules



Anyone 5 years old and older may apply for a library card.


Library Cards

Patron must fill out registration card.  Patron will need to show a photo I.D. and/or proof of current address.  Children under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian’s signature.  The parent must come in to sign the registration card.  All patrons, adult and juvenile, are expected to bring their library cards with them if they intend to check out items.  In order for all patrons to receive efficient and accurate service, borrowers should present their library card each time they check out, renew materials or place holds.   An exception may be made if a borrower can provide photo identification and/or is recognized by library staff (If they do not have a photo I.D. with them they must verify two fields in patron record: birthdate AND address or telephone number).  Staff will verify against the patron record.   If a patron loses his/her library card, he should notify the library as soon as possible and request a replacement.   Lost cards cost $1.00 to replace. 


Overdue Notices/Bills

 An overdue notice will be emailed or an automated call one and two weeks after the library materials are due if they have not been returned. 

A bill will be sent (via USPS )three weeks after the library materials are due if they have not been returned.



Patrons may reserve up to 20 items per library card on the Internet, in person or over the phone.



As specified in Wisconsin Statutes 43.30, "records of any library which is in whole or in part supported by public funds, including the records of a public library system, indicating the identity of any individual who borrows or uses the library's documents or other materials, resources or services may not be disclosed except by court order or to persons acting within the scope of their duties in the administration of the library or library system, to persons authorized by the individual to inspect such records, or to libraries authorized under subs. (2) and (3)."

The Shell Lake Public Library adheres strictly to all sections of this Statute regarding the protection of the confidentiality of its users.