Library Policy: Children

Shell Lake Public Library Policy on Children in Library
We encourage you and your children to use the children’s department of the Shell Lake Library. In the best interest of all concerned, we need to remind you of a few policies.

In order to provide for the general welfare of all persons using the library and in order to provide for the general safety of children using the library:
1. All children age ten years or younger will at all times, be supervised by an adult or responsible caretaker other than the library staff.
2. Parents are responsible for children’s behavior whenever children are in the Library. This is a controlled environment and we are not equipped for long-term child care.
3. It is not the function of the Librarian and staff to deal with children who are out of control. Any child deemed out of control by the Library Staff will be asked to leave.
Please help us keep the Shell Lake Library a pleasant and safe place for all children and their parents.