Library Policy: Public Bulletin Boards

ShellLake Public Library


Public Bulletin Board Policy

The purpose of the public bulletin boards at the Shell Lake Public Library is to make available information regarding cultural, recreational, educational, and human services programs and events in the community that are available/open to the public at large. The library does not evaluate the beliefs or purposes of the sponsoring organizations, and posting information does not imply endorsement by the library of any group, their ideas, or programs. Due to space constraints, postings are limited to programs or events in ShellLake, Spooner, University of Wisconsin Barron County, member libraries, or by other libraries.

Postings may be retained until the day after the program/event, unless items to be posted exceed the available space. In that case, the staff will remove the oldest items first, as necessary.

This policy on the use of the public bulletin boards supersedes all of the Shell Lake Public Library's previous policies on public bulletin boards.





















Approved 2.8.06